The Tale of the Fish

By Chris Stones

Once upon a time there was a boy who was born with a broken heart. He
knew not of love. He went about the business of his life blissfully
unaware of all that he was missing. Years passed and once he grew
strong enough he finally left home to seek out his fortune in the
Northern Lands.

One day while he was crossing a mighty desert he found himself
on the verge of collapse but just over the next sandy hill lay a
beautiful oasis. He ran up to the waters and as he drank a fish
appeared before him.

It was the most beautiful fish he had ever seen. "Hello, won't you
join me?" Said the fish. She fluttered her lashes and he decided to
stay in the oasis with the fish. The fish, being a clever creature,
noticed the boy had something missing.

"You are so lonely." Said the fish.

The boy just looked upon her. He began to protest.
But soon realized that yes, he was in fact very lonely.

"I was born with a broken heart." Said the boy. And the fish said,
"Here, let me mend this for you." And she did. And they had a most
wonderful time. Those oasis days seemed to last forever as the
boy and the fish spent all their time together laughing and playing.

But in their glee, they failed to notice the water levels were receding.
Until one day...

"My water is nearly gone!" Cried the fish.
And the boy asked what he could do.
And the fish looked upon him.

"Take me with you!" She pleaded.
"But I have no way to carry you across the desert."
"Then stay with me and keep me company in my final hours."
And he did.

Eventually, the fish passed away and the boy knew it was time to move
on. But how could he? Now that his heart was mended there was no one
to share it with. And so he traveled on and on, as parched as the days
in the desert with no one to quench his thirst for the rest of his

The End.