Factually, we can chat about all sorts of standard metrics such as where I was born or how old I am and where I live. But that's not as me as the story behind how I became myself. I think we could agree that all of that information doesn't reveal the reality of the neural processing that goes on behind the eyes.

In which case, I will tell you that my first memory I've ever had was that of looking up at my hands from a crib and realizing that moving them and thinking about moving them were two different ideas. I used to say I discovered having hands that day but nowadays I realize what really happened.

I had developed a primitive sense of self. I grasped the first implications of the ownership of some external data that would henceforth be known as Chris. On that anonymous day the break between self and surroundings would begin the story that was to be my life.

Years later, I'm still driven to find out what I can use to change things in the world. It is my current hope that I can still make some kind of lasting impact by giving people the tools they need to make the changes I could not.

Determination January 2017